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Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA
3145 Washington Road
Augusta, GA 30907

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The Augusta Warrior Project Supports GoodBoats

As members of the military, we are constantly told united we stand, divided we fall. You learn that your survival and success is dependent, not on yourself, but on your brothers and sisters to your right and left. At the Augusta Warrior Project we believe everyone who serves or has served is a Warrior. In our all volunteer military everyone has stepped forward to serve, some into battle and others in support, but all stepped forward. When transitioning from the military to civilian life, having partners you trust, those more interested in your success than their own, helps to make the transition to civilian life that much smoother.

Goodwill is our partner. Trusted and ready to step forward. More interested in the success of others than themselves and always focused on those in need. The Augusta Warrior Project is a proud partner of Goodwill and together we are working hard to create a united community that is welcoming and supportive of our Warriors. Wed like to encourage you to support Goodwill either through sponsoring a Warrior to row or sponsoring an entire boat.

Through this experience our Warriors will regain a sense of camaraderie by rowing with other Warriors. They will train together knowing that the end goal isnt just to win, its working together, becoming part of this community. In return, the community wins. Goodwill is supported, our Warriors row, and the community is united.

It is said that some have given all, but all have given some. Give some! Support a united community through supporting this event, our Warriors, and our partner, Goodwill. Because united, we all stand prouder and stronger.

Best Regards,

Jim Lorraine, Lt Col, (retired)
Executive Director
Augusta Warrior Project

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