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Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA
3145 Washington Road
Augusta, GA 30907

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Goodwill's 2019 Dragon Boat Festival will be held May 4, 2019 in Augusta.  This day of family fun and Asian culture is a wonderful way for your employees and friends to "paddle for a purpose."  Proceeds benefit Helms College


1st Place - Macuch Steele


2nd Place - Textron Team




GoodBoats is brought to the community through the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers.    Dragon boat racing is a terrific team-builder and you will also build the lives of your community members through Goodwills mission! 

There are a variety of ways to contribute. Contribute financially, or sign up a team and paddle for a purpose for your company or organization.


What is Dragon Boat Racing?  Dragon Boat racing dates back over 2,000 years to ancient China.  It is the fastest growing sport in the United States.  Teams of 10 per boat will paddle for a purpose with two boats racing at a time on a short course. Competitive racing will be combined with an Asian arts festival surrounding Lake Olmstead. It is a day of family fun and Asian traditions.

What advantage does paddling a boat have for my company or group?  What better way to build your team and/or friendships than working together to reach the finish line.  We challenge your team to come up with a catchy name for your "crew" and promote your business or group with team t-shirts and signage at the event.

In addition to the races, what will be happening at the Dragon Boat Festival?  GoodBoats for Goodwill will include an Asian festival along the banks of Lake Olmstead.  The day’s events will include food, children's activities and a performance stage featuring local Asian food and culture.  This day of family-fun will be a great opportunity to make your team visible to the community and support your community’s Goodwill.

CONTACT US - goodboats@goodwillworks.org or 706-650-5760
Goodwill Industries of Midldle Georgia and the CSRA
3145 Washington Road
Augusta, GA 30907